Specifics of Graphite Pencils

Information regarding Graphite Pencils

Recently I have been taking care of a drawing and I wanted more pencils so I can achieve the type of realism which i want. I got a pack of Kimberly Graphite Pencils from Micheals arts and crafts store. In the package I managed to get 10 different grades of pencils which provides me a good range of light and dark.

charcoal pencils

Exactly what do you know about graphite pencils? Well this was my frist time using graphite pencils and all I knew was there were pencils that can get really dark, almost black, and also light. I additionally knew that they are called hard and soft pencils on the other hand did not know that have been hard pencils and that have been the soft. The package on my own pencils explained some stuff so I'll tell you what I learn about them.

To start, a grade identifies how hard or soft a pencil is (which means how light or dark the graphite can get). Every time a pencil is soft, it gets dark then when a pencil is hard, it's light.

All the various graded pencils during my package were:

4H - considered the "hardest" ni the pack of pencils. It's the lightest and it doesn't erase or smudge well. (which may be good).
8B - considered the "softest" pencils. It gets really dark and it smudges well. It is possible to erase it fairly well but because it's so dark, it leaves some residue so you've to set some effort in getting all of it gone.

The "H" means "hardness", "B" means "blackness, and "F" means "fine point". Along with the lettered scale, where B could be the soft pencils and H include the hard pencils, there's also a numbered scale, that's where the term number 2 pencils result from.

charcoal pencils